Sunday Worship Times

Coffee Fellowship

- Meet in Calvin Hall

Traditional Worship Service

- Childcare for 3 years and under in the Nursery (4th floor)

- Sunday School Classes held during this time




Growing in Christ
Who We Are

Meet Our Pastor


Our new pastor is Jeffrey Louis Colarossi.


About the Colarossis


Jeff and his wife, Jane, have been married for 25 years (26 in October). They met in college. Jeff notes, “It turned out that Jane’s older brother is married to one of my cousins.” Jane had worked in retail for several decades before they moved to Pennsylvania, when she became a case worker for a company that works with the county Children and Youth agency. Their dog, Isaac, is a 7-year-old pug-lab mix and was a rescue puppy that Jeff and Jane got while Jeff was in seminary.


This is something of a homecoming for Jeff. “I spent a fair amount of time in Cincy when I was younger, visiting relatives,” he says. “It was here I learned to drive a stick shift and ride a bike.”


About Jeff


Jeff received a bachelor of science in business in administration from Robert Morris College. He worked in business for a while, then received his master of divinity at Gettysburg Seminary. He has continued his education in many pertinent areas, such as bereavement, along with preaching and stewardship. In addition to being a solo pastor, Jeff has been a (non-ordained) youth director and Christian educator.


Through the application process, both the candidate and the church identify leadership competencies. We were drawn to Jeff’s identification of his competencies of preaching and worship leadership, spiritual maturity, communication, strategy and vision, collaboration, and bridge building — skills that we had identified as being needed at Westwood First. Furthermore, Jeff felt he was compassionate, hopeful, a teacher, and good at decision making.


Jeff has also served as board member for the Salvation Army, the Senior Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance, the Sexual Assault and Resource Counseling Center, the Local Housing Option Team and Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.


When asked to describe the ministry setting to which he believed God was calling him, Jeff wrote:
“I believe that God is calling me to serve in a setting where my gifts and enthusiasm for ministry can be put to their fullest use; caring for people and helping them discover/develop their spiritual gifts, so that they are able to go, as Jesus’ disciples did, and ‘bear good fruit, fruit that will last.’ My call is to help create an environment ripe for spiritual growth, service and discipleship, providing leadership and assisting in the process of discerning God’s will. I hope to find a ministry setting where we can work together in sustaining and nurturing a genuine community of faith; a place where people feel welcome and cared for, and subsequently feel led to extend a welcoming invitation to others, showing them that same care.”


Jeff concluded his statement of faith beautifully, saying, “If we understand ministry as service to God and the world, then there is little more important, outside of the service itself, than preparing others for such service. I believe that seeing the possibilities in others and helping them to see it in themselves is crucial and that working toward bringing out the best in them, to glorify God and for service to God and others, is the heart of ministry.”


Please get to know Jeff and Jane Colarossi!